Base Artists are ready to roll!! First working week begins!!!!!

Here we are! Base Art are in the building and WORKING!!  We are so excited about this!  We have churned out a lot of work already.  The ideas have built up since graduation (for me and Sue it’s been since July ’13!), and I think we just couldn’t wait to get it out so it was like an explosion of creativity!!


Me and Sue have an exhibition in Swansea in November and so we’ve started working on our pieces for that.  I’ve also made a few cute pot thingys!

If this week is anything to go by, we will have a lot of things made very soon.  I wonder if we have enough shelves?  … Yeah I’m sure we do, we spent about 2 weeks putting them up!!

The illustration on the door is slowly making progress too, and we have started doodling on the outside wall too.  Photos of that to follow in tomorrow’s post 🙂

– Lara

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