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A Base Art Update!

What’s been going on with us?  LOTS!

I know we have been naughty and haven’t updated much over the last year – so our plan is to update our website and blog more often and post lots of writing, photos and even videos!    Bits about us, bits about our classes, bits about the studio – lots to get to grips with.

We have added an extra pottery class – as well as Tuesday mornings, Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings, we have introduced a new Wednesday evening class!  Demand is quite high, which is great!

What else has been happening? Well, the building in which we have our studio, created more studio spaces and they have been filled by more ceramicists!  So the basement of the building is shared between 7 artists at the moment, possibly more in the future.

Lara and Sue spent most of last year preparing for their exhibition, which ran through October 2015.

Here are some photos of the excellent work produced by our students:

934083_729818360488501_2473368472536032849_n Eric1426327_729045140565823_6346803778516887660_n Sandra1918923_729818377155166_1886624315995376686_n

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