Baseart stablished since 2014 is a small collective of ceramic artists and potters who work in a wide variety of different genres, ranging from fine art to high class craft.

Baseart not only offers studio space to the artists, but also boasts a small gallery where the artists individual art work can be admired and purchased. The artists also accept personal commissions.

Occasionally graduate spaces become available where recent graduates can enjoy the experiences of being evolved in a working studio environment.

Regular adult classes run throughout the week, either mornings, afternoons or evenings. Classes are designed for students of all abilities, are fun, relaxed and educational.

Children’s workshops run during term breaks throughout the year and special event workshops run on a regular basis, usually on a Saturday. Baseart can also host birthday parties and team building events, group development workshops and One-to-one sessions.

Baseart look forward to welcoming visitors to the studios and gallery at any time during opening hours.

Please check our website for details of coming events.

Baseart are extremely proud of their unique creativity and look forward to sharing it with you.