Carol Feehan

BA Honours Degree, South Wales University

Carol Feehan obtained her degree at the University of South Wales as a mature student. Her love of ceramics resulted in her being awarded a year scholarship in Fireworks Clay Studios, Cardiff. After this she was a resident Ceramicist for four years at Nantgarw China Works where she has run numerous classes and workshops for both adults and children. 

I Was Innocent Once….

This is a body of work that is still in progress and involves around the childhood games that I played growing up in the 70’s. My love of animals plays a key part to all my work and along with colour, humour and anthropomorphic features ‘I Was Innocent Once…’ Plays with the viewers emotions and interpretation through using games as metaphors for the sometimes sinister and negative issues that affect society, especially children, today.

Carol Feehan

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