Susan Zeppellini


Susan Zeppellini 

BA Honours, First Class, University of South Wales

Susan Zeppellini, was born in São Paulo, Brazil and now lives and works in South Wales, where she is BaseArt director and founder. As an artist she specialises in ceramic sculpture but also exhibits drawings and paintings throughout the UK, Europe and South America. 

My ceramic sculptures and paintings are a visual journey through mythology, referencing narratives rooted in beliefs descended from many ancient civilisations throughout the world.

‘My art reflects the complexity of my own identity through the exploration of the multifaceted cultures that I have experienced where folklore, structured religion, societal structures of class and race or even black magic co-exist.

I consider myself a story-teller creating worlds where the fantastical exists alongside the real world but sometimes these two worlds collide. In this regard the visual narratives I create represent ‘otherworldly scenery’ that seeks to truly reflect the complex world that I have experienced, or more succinctly my own reality.

Susan Zeppellini

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