Victoria Gretchen Carter

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Victoria Gretchen Carter

Victoria Gretchen Carter is a potter, knitter, wire manipulator, stitcher and all-round renaissance woman. Originally from a tiny place in England you’ve probably never heard of, now living and working in South Wales, for reasons of love.

“I’ve struggled with being me for as long as I could think. My otherness has been both a battle and a joy. The only time I really know who I am is when I’m making. I found it in a roundabout way, half-way through a brain-numbing degree course. Feeling a bit lost, I found a raku evening class at a nearby college. Immediately the clouds lifted, angels sang and I finally knew what was meant to happen; I was supposed to make stuff. Ever since then I’ve been teaching myself all manner of things. Whether it be clay, wool, wire or a needle and thread, I’m always working at something, usually several projects at the same time, in the pursuit of the elevation of craft.
Craft is not a dirty word and I’m not afraid to use it.”

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