Microscopic Nature

This vase was made by Susan Zeppellini and was inspired by microscopic images of nature.

Enchanted Tree

Incredible work by our student Margaret Thomas

Tear Wreath

A celebration of colours

A celebration of colors made with glazes and oxides by Charlotte Camilleri.

Susan Zeppellini’s plant pot

This pot was made by Susan Zeppellini with Stoneware and glazed with a glaze developed by herself.

Diane Rathley

The soft organic plaque by Diane Rathley. Stoneware with application of real plants and coloured with oxides.

Janet McCormack

Little Vase by Janet McCoermack, Stoneware, oxides and Glazes.

Tracey Kavanagh-Reid

Tracey’s beautiful jar was made with Stoneware with oxides washes finishing which provides an antique effect.

Urvisha Perez

A contemporary view of Urvisha Perez from a vase with a single flower.