Tear Wreath

Urvisha Perez

The sweet pair of Stoneware Owls made by Urvisha Perez.

Susan Zeppellini’s plant pot

This pot was made by Susan Zeppellini with Stoneware and glazed with a glaze developed by herself.

More Hares

A couple more Hares waiting to be fired

Diane Rathley

The soft organic plaque by Diane Rathley. Stoneware with application of real plants and coloured with oxides.

Sian Griffiths

The cute little gnome from Sian Griffiths, made with Stoneware and glazes.

Claire Spenser Jones

Claire Spenser Jones Jar was made in Stoneware and the decoration made with terracotta slip and Sgraffito.

Katy Burson

Katy Burson very soft Plaque was made with Stoneware and oxides fired at 04.

Students Display

When our students finish their work, we display on this lovely Welsh dresser. They look really good and every week … More