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The studio is almost ready

It is incredible that after a year we are opening our doors and welcoming the public.

After the transformation of the building and Covid-19 we are getting there.

We will start classes again on the 3rd of August, with reduced students numbers, and the gallery will be open couple of hours per day, but please contact us to make an appointment for a private viewings.

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Joanna Israel

A lovely tile made by Joanna Israel. Stoneware oxides and glazes.094BDD4F-B4E5-496E-9E88-ABF1E32C0186

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Becca’s Bottles

FDE80ABB-E025-43BB-B3CB-CECE27B265BFThis is the work from Becca, these are made with white Stoneware, using cobalt blue oxide, underglaze pencil and blue glaze, fired at cone 2.

Very organic and beautiful.

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Door Drawing!

We have added to our door illustrations today – it’s coming along nicely!  It will take a while to complete the whole thing, we’ve been working on this half of the door off and on for the last week!!  

It’s interesting to see the different approaches we are taking with the same ‘brief’.  Each of our own drawing and artistic styles shows through in the illustrations, which makes it all the more interesting – and fun 🙂

Also – we are so excited to announce that we’ve started preparing clay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clay work begins Monday! 🙂

Sue had a brilliant and novel idea to store glazes – stylish and space-saving!

– Lara

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Illustration project

Since our beautiful walls have been put up (with huge thanks to a very dear friend who was kind enough to take time off work to help us) and painted white, we have decided that we want a huge mural on the outside of the studio walls.  So the idea is to do lots of illustrations in black and white using black marker pens, and these illustrations then lead on to others, eventually every drawing will be linked in some way, and they will cover the entire outer wall of our studio.

Me and Sue started drawing and it was quite difficult to stop! It is a lot of fun. We had a workshop to teach so had to stop, but will be carrying on as soon as we get the chance!!! So far we have things like Poseidon holding his trident – which is also a telephone wire post – with a sausage on top!