The Green Pot

New student Sarah Petherickq Green Pot.

The studio is almost ready

It is incredible that after a year we are opening our doors and welcoming the public. After the transformation of … More

After One Year

After a very hard year, with so many tribulations, changing the studio, moving house twice, after a enormous building work … More

Baby Bunnies

Another beautiful baby bunnies creation to be soon available for sale.

Inside the kiln

Little bowl

This is one of the last pieces made in the current studio by Susan Zeppellini.

Students Display

Our Student Display is looking really good!

Claire Spenser Jones

Claire Spenser Jones Jar was made in Stoneware and the decoration made with terracotta slip and Sgraffito.

Claire Spenser Jones

Another beautiful vase from Claire Spenser Jones. Stoneware, coloured slip and decorated with sgraffito.