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Two headed Rabbit

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Base Artists are ready to roll!! First working week begins!!!!!

Here we are! Base Art are in the building and WORKING!!  We are so excited about this!  We have churned out a lot of work already.  The ideas have built up since graduation (for me and Sue it’s been since July ’13!), and I think we just couldn’t wait to get it out so it was like an explosion of creativity!!


Me and Sue have an exhibition in Swansea in November and so we’ve started working on our pieces for that.  I’ve also made a few cute pot thingys!

If this week is anything to go by, we will have a lot of things made very soon.  I wonder if we have enough shelves?  … Yeah I’m sure we do, we spent about 2 weeks putting them up!!

The illustration on the door is slowly making progress too, and we have started doodling on the outside wall too.  Photos of that to follow in tomorrow’s post 🙂

– Lara

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First rabbit since University!

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really working

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Door Drawing!

We have added to our door illustrations today – it’s coming along nicely!  It will take a while to complete the whole thing, we’ve been working on this half of the door off and on for the last week!!  

It’s interesting to see the different approaches we are taking with the same ‘brief’.  Each of our own drawing and artistic styles shows through in the illustrations, which makes it all the more interesting – and fun 🙂

Also – we are so excited to announce that we’ve started preparing clay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clay work begins Monday! 🙂

Sue had a brilliant and novel idea to store glazes – stylish and space-saving!

– Lara

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Illustration project

Since our beautiful walls have been put up (with huge thanks to a very dear friend who was kind enough to take time off work to help us) and painted white, we have decided that we want a huge mural on the outside of the studio walls.  So the idea is to do lots of illustrations in black and white using black marker pens, and these illustrations then lead on to others, eventually every drawing will be linked in some way, and they will cover the entire outer wall of our studio.

Me and Sue started drawing and it was quite difficult to stop! It is a lot of fun. We had a workshop to teach so had to stop, but will be carrying on as soon as we get the chance!!! So far we have things like Poseidon holding his trident – which is also a telephone wire post – with a sausage on top!


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Base Art Studio is READY! COMPLETE! DONE!

… Well apart from a few things like lighting and extra sockets/power points which will be installed soon.

Here are some pictures of the completed studio 

We gave a workshop on Tuesday as a part of The Factory’s ‘Summer Art School’, there is another one next Tuesday too.  Some lovely things were made – we rolled slabs and placed them over plates so that when they dry the shape of the plate is kept.  The people who attended then created images on these plates, using textured items like stamps, leaves and cookie cutters.

– Lara

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No Surface, All Feeling

It’s been a while since our last post, things have been up in the air and we haven’t really had a lot to post!

This week we’ve worked really really hard to get my exhibition up.  Me and Sue managed to finish putting it up yesterday – and it was very ….. time consuming, and let’s just say that patience is a virtue!!!!!  We have learned a lot this week, using clips and fishing wire … As well as working in the ridiculously boiling hot gallery.  We can not stress how boiling it is up there.

But the final product looks good.


We were hoping to have more to post this week but things have been moving slower than we expected.

– Lara

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Pop-Up Gallery

Lara and I are taking part in a exhibition in Pontypridd. The gallery is a Pop Up Gallery, The works are very interesting. I put two drawings and Lara put two sculptures. Here are some pictures.