The Owl Pot

Another great creation from our student!

Bottles Trio

A new work by Susan Zeppellini made in earthenware. These bottles are an exploration of shapes and textures.

Inside the kiln

New classes

Susan Zeppellini’s plant pot

This pot was made by Susan Zeppellini with Stoneware and glazed with a glaze developed by herself.

Little bowl

This is one of the last pieces made in the current studio by Susan Zeppellini.

Janet McCormack

Little Vase by Janet McCoermack, Stoneware, oxides and Glazes.

Claire Spenser Jones

Claire Spenser Jones Jar was made in Stoneware and the decoration made with terracotta slip and Sgraffito.

Urvisha Perez

A contemporary view of Urvisha Perez from a vase with a single flower.