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Claire Spenser Jones

Claire Spenser Jones Jar was made in Stoneware and the decoration made with terracotta slip and Sgraffito.

Claire Spenser Jones

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Kids Workshop 2

As seen in the previous post, we had an excellent workshop with the kids. In the Christmas period they returned to finish the pieces and to apply the glazes. These are some of the results.


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New and Old photos

One of our resident artists, Lara, has updated her blog and republished some photos.

“A few weeks ago I visited the Boy’s Village in Aberthaw again with my fiance.  We have been twice before, the second time we were told to leave by a burly guy in a black Merc so this time we were … wary to say the least!  But we still got some great photos of the place.  It was interesting to see how it had changed in such a short space of time – we were there only a few months ago, and it has decayed even during that time.

I’ve also republished my images of ‘Faded Glamour’ – an ongoing series of images from South Wales holiday destinations.  The series is ongoing as I have only included images from Porthcawl.

Here are some of the images I’ve added

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No Surface, All Feeling

It’s been a while since our last post, things have been up in the air and we haven’t really had a lot to post!

This week we’ve worked really really hard to get my exhibition up.  Me and Sue managed to finish putting it up yesterday – and it was very ….. time consuming, and let’s just say that patience is a virtue!!!!!  We have learned a lot this week, using clips and fishing wire … As well as working in the ridiculously boiling hot gallery.  We can not stress how boiling it is up there.

But the final product looks good.


We were hoping to have more to post this week but things have been moving slower than we expected.

– Lara

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Quick update :)

Hi everyone, it’s been all systems go this last week or so which is why we haven’t had a chance to post!!

Last Thursday we took the Valleys Kids art group to St. Fagans National History Museum with Anne (who runs the groups), with the intention of doing some sketching and photography.  It was great to be out ‘on the road’ with the group, and a nice change to be out experiencing the surroundings and trying something new.

Here are a selection of photos Sue took:


And some I took:


This week I’ve been stressing over a short-notice photography exhibition, Sue is in London for a few days, Liz has just got back from Scotland and Jan has been working so we haven’t been spending a lot of time on the studio (which is naughty I know!), but normal service should resume soon 🙂

– Lara