Just for fun

A celebration of colours

A celebration of colors made with glazes and oxides by Charlotte Camilleri.

New classes

Urvisha Perez

The sweet pair of Stoneware Owls made by Urvisha Perez.

Janet McCormack

A beautiful spoon made with Stoneware by Janet McCormack.

Susan Zeppellini’s plant pot

This pot was made by Susan Zeppellini with Stoneware and glazed with a glaze developed by herself.

Tracey Kavanagh-Reid

Tracey’s beautiful jar was made with Stoneware with oxides washes finishing which provides an antique effect.

Urvisha Perez

A contemporary view of Urvisha Perez from a vase with a single flower.

Claire Spenser Jones

Another beautiful vase from Claire Spenser Jones. Stoneware, coloured slip and decorated with sgraffito.