Dock, Lock and Two Potters Boating

Day 1

Leaving the Warf
Setting out by ourselves
Ending our first day in a very good mood and having our first drink onboard to celebrate.

Day 2

Leaving in the morning after a very good night sleep, let’s see what is reserved for us on day 2
Going through difficult bridges
Into the bushes

End of Day 2

A very nice end of the day with a lovely meal at the pub.

Day 3

Starting our day 3 journey
Starting seeing some wild life
Very special day, we had Vicky and Gareth visiting us.
We are looking for a place to park as we missed the last mooring rings and it’s getting later!
Finally we found a place to stay overnight but we had to do manually!

Day 4

After having our breakfast with fresh fruits that we pick up along the way, we will now find another place to spend the night.