Funny Chicken

A very funny chicken made in earthenware by one of our students Gali Thomas

Another great work from our student Margaret

A celebration of colours

A celebration of colors made with glazes and oxides by Charlotte Camilleri.

The Green Pot

New student Sarah Petherickq Green Pot.

The studio is almost ready

It is incredible that after a year we are opening our doors and welcoming the public. After the transformation of … More

Black Cat

This is another one of the funny cats series, at the moment I have so many things in my head, … More

After One Year

After a very hard year, with so many tribulations, changing the studio, moving house twice, after a enormous building work … More

A little funny cat

This is part of the series of funny pets by Susan Zeppellini

Baby Bunny

We are working non stop to add some of our creations to our online shop very soon.