The Owl Pot

Another great creation from our student!

Just for fun

A celebration of colours

A celebration of colors made with glazes and oxides by Charlotte Camilleri.

The studio is almost ready

It is incredible that after a year we are opening our doors and welcoming the public. After the transformation of … More

New classes

Urvisha Perez

The sweet pair of Stoneware Owls made by Urvisha Perez.

Susan Zeppellini’s plant pot

This pot was made by Susan Zeppellini with Stoneware and glazed with a glaze developed by herself.

Lynne Vrhovac

Lynne Vrhovac work”s texture is the main factor to demonstrate that something simple can give an effect that seems to … More

Amanda Whiting

Amanda Whiting explores textures on her work and earthy colours