Students are back

It’s so great to show the students work again!

Inside the kiln

Sian Griffiths

The cute little gnome from Sian Griffiths, made with Stoneware and glazes.

Kids Christmas Workshop

I little film of our Kids Christmas Workshop

Students Display

When our students finish their work, we display on this lovely Welsh dresser. They look really good and every week … More

Nia Schofield

The fun is here at BaseArt with Nia Schofield fish. Stoneware, glazes and fired to cone 2, 1169

Half Term Children’sWorkshops

Every Half Term we have children’s workshops and these are some of the final results.

Kids Workshop 2

As seen in the previous post, we had an excellent workshop with the kids. In the Christmas period they returned … More

Green Man

Sandra’s  Green Man, it is done in stoneware with oxides, commercial glazes and fired at cone 9.